OGA AGM to Highlight Breakthrough Research in Support of Geo

OGA AGM to Highlight Breakthrough Research in Support of Geo

A research report commissioned by the Ontario Geothermal Association (OGA) highlights the unique benefits of ground-source heat pumps to the electricity system -- and the entire Canadian population -- as the country prepares to reduce carbon emissions from buildings through electrification.

The study, conducted by Dunsky Energy Consulting, found that if the heating of homes and buildings across Canada were electrified using ground source heat pumps rather than air source heat pumps (which have been assumed as the default in most electrification plans) the avoided total societal cost of electrification would be almost $500 billion over the next 30 years.

That translates to almost $40,000 for every household in Canada. Even a 30% share of the market for GSHPs would result in $148 billion in system savings.

Policy makers are paying attention …and so should you!

Join our meeting to hear directly from Jean-Philippe Hardy, Dunsky Energy Consulting, about the initial findings of the research and what the next major phase of research will explore.

You won’t want to miss it!


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