HRAI and OGA Engage with the Federal Government on Potential Policy Role for GSHPs.

The webinar was delivered by OGA President Stan Reitsma (GeoSource) and Vice President Jeff Hunter (GPA), Bob Wyman, a New York-based consultant and advocate, and Martin Luymes, HRAI VP of Government and Stakeholder Relations.   The purpose of the webinar was to educate key policy and program developers at the federal level about advances in geothermal technology, and to help overcome some longstanding myths and misconceptions that have informed policy decisions to date.   See the entire news story here.

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News Story Thursday, June 25, 2020

Breaking news from the OGA June 25, 2020.

Read about the success of the HRAI & OGA ground source webinar with 40 government officials. We included some articles about:
- Governments pushing fuel switching
- Real estate pros say energy efficiency is important to home buyers
- Goldman sees $16 trillion opening as renewables investment exceeds oil & gas
- Surprising cost revelation about underground transport tunnels
Click the link for all the details.


News Story Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Check out Gerald Seyler's story about his geothermal experience.

He had become interested in geothermal after first trying out one of the early air source heat pumps. They provided effective cooling and heating in small dwellings, especially during above-zero weather. He had learned that geothermal heat pumps were even more efficient, and could be connected to existing wells used for drinking water. They paired a Climatemaster geothermal heat pump with their well, which is 213 feet deep, and for many years it provided 100% of heating and cooling for an 1800 square foot home. Read the entire story by clicking the link below.


News Story Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The OGA Sustaining Partner Program (SPP) is an opportunity for geothermal marketing pros!

It offers 12 months of brand promotion for one low annual fee. Sustaining Partners receive unparalleled exposure for their brands to a tightly targeted marketplace.
In addition, Sustaining Partners benefit by supporting the critical activities of the OGA, the industry's main trade group,
at a time when we need some help. Your benefits include government advocacy, professional development, industry partnership synergies, special and social events, best practices, standards work, and much more.


News Story Thursday, June 11, 2020

Check out our latest customer story about Avoiding Fossil fuels with Geothermal.

John’s company builds fine custom homes for others, and many of them ask for geothermal. He works with Nottawasaga Mechanical and also Geothermal Solutions, a specialist company, which drills test holes first, to ensure the soil and other conditions are right for geo-exchange. “Not burning fossil fuels is a big step towards trying to curb climate change,” says John Gordon Check out the entire article here.


Check out our latest news bulletin.

Check out our latest news bulletin. We included some articles about :
- PACE programs for geothermal in Canadian cities
- Stop the Hamilton gas pipeline
- Building energy and water use reporting in Ontario
- Green conditions on COVID-19 recovery loans
- Why investors are sticking with renewables


News Story Thursday, June 04, 2020

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