for rising with us from the ground up. See below for PowerPoint presentations from OGA2018.


We are on the cusp of a new era. Eyes are wide. Discourse surrounding Ontario’s geoexchange sector is feverishly building. A series of low-carbon initiatives are rearing from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. The 2018 Ontario Geothermal Conference (OGA2018) will tap into new trends, new voices, new initiatives and new opportunities spurred by province-wide advances towards reducing energy costs and fighting climate change. The conference will be a major gathering place for industry executives, advisors, investors, policy makers, research analysts, media and stakeholders alike. Seize the moment to foster new alliances; leverage the change in tide; and learn from international thought-leaders about the elements in play poised to drive industry growth and accelerate the implementation of new ideas.


On February 27th and 28th, the Ontario Geothermal Association hosted its most successful Annual General Meeting to date.  More than 175 attendees benefitted from informative and educational sessions ranging from an overview of federal government policy developments to the latest details of Ontario’s GreenON program.  Jim Sanders, President of Enbridge Gas Distribution, outlined Enbridge’s plan to provide geothermal loop financing as a utility-type service for residential customers as well as powerful promotional video.  Former Minister of Environment and Climate Change Glen Murray, now President of the Pembina Institute, shared some compelling data on commercial building retrofits in BC;  GreenON CEO Parminder Sandhu discussed the Ontario government’s plans for decreasing Ontario’s carbon emissions through strategic investments in low-carbon technologies; and NRCan’s Debbie Scharf explained how the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change sets the context for provincial polices and regulations.  These and a host of other speakers made for a very full program.


At the OGA Annual Meeting, Jim Bolger, Waterloo Energy Products, was re-appointed as Chair, along with the following board members: Stan Reitsma, GeoSource (Vice-Chair); Gabriela Grigoriu, Next Project (Secretary-Treasurer); Grant Blackmore, Eden Energy Equipment; John Bosman, Bostech Mechanical; Michael David, Gorski, Plener and Associates; Chad Hayter, The Hayter Group; Jeff Hunter, Redmond/Williams; Stan Marco, GeoSmart Energy; and Ron J. Wright, Enertech Global.


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Keynote Speakers

Glen Murray

Executive Director, Pembina InstituteFormer Minister of Ontario Environment and Climate Change, Government of Ontario


Arthur Potts

Parliamentary Assistant to Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Government of Ontario


Jim Sanders

President, Enbridge Gas Distributio


Parminder Sandhu

Chair, GreenON

Plenary Speakers
jim bolger

Jim Bolger

Chair, OGA


Sarah Coleman

Supervisor, CDM Programs, HRAI


Dave de Sylva

President, Howland Green Homes


Nuno Duarte

VP, Professional Services, BGIS


Parham Eslami

Research Scientist, CanmetENERGY-Varennes


Scott Evans

General Manager, Toronto, Edelman


Garen Ewbank

President, IGSHPA Board of Directors, IGSHPA-US


Chuck Farmer

Director, Stakeholder and Public Affairs, IESO


Aaron Freeman

Principal, Pivot Strategic Consulting Inc., Founder, GreenPAC


Paul Frith

Director, Advocacy and Sales, GeoSource


Brent Laufer

Chair, Manitoba Geothermal Energy Alliance


Evelyn Lundhild

Senior Manager, Green Ontario Fund, IESO


Martin Luymes

Director, Programs and Relations, HRAI


Angie Mantei

Supervisor, Educational Programs, HRAI


Laure Meljac

Regional Manager International Affairs, NIBE


Antoni Paleshi

Senior Energy Performance Specialist, WSP


Jeff Quibell

Chair, GeoExchange BC


Stan Reitsma

Vice-Chair, OGA


Debbie Sharf

Director, Office of Energy Efficiency, NRCAN


Steve Smith

Director, Board of Directors, GEO


John Thomas

CEO, WaterFurnace International


Catherine Thorn

Director, Community Energy Planning, Enwave Energy Corporation


Tim Weber

Co-Founder and Partner, Diverso Energy


Greg Woodhouse

Director, Engineering, BGIS


Downloadable PowerPoint Presentations Are Highlighted In Orange.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

2:00 pmRegistration Opens / Exhibits


2:30 pmWelcome Address

  • Jim Bolger, President,

The geo-exchange industry in Ontario is on the verge of unprecedented transformation driven by policies from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to reduce costs, fight climate change and encourage the use of clean geo-exchange technologies. OGA, HRAI and a relentless network of industry professionals were integral in leading the charge. Martin Luymes, HRAI Director of Programs and Relations, will highlight the key advocacy efforts over the past year that has catapulted the change we begin to see today, and share prospective initiatives that will feed the momentum.• Martin Luymes, Director, Programs/Relations, HRAI.

  • Martin Luymes, Director, Programs/Relations, HRAI.
2:45 pm

Interprovincial Panel: policies, projections and progress in Canadian provinces

Joining us at this year’s conference will be leaders from two other provincial geothermal associations who are leading the way. OGA members may already be aware of what’s happening in Ontario, but come to this session to find out how the industry is doing in other parts of the country and get a snapshot of the opportunities and challenges that may, or may not, be on the horizon in Ontario.

British Columbia

  • Jeff Quibell, President, GeoExchangeBC


  • Brent Laufer, President, Manitoba Geothermal Energy Alliance


  • Jim Bolger, President, Ontario Geothermal Association


  • Martin Luymes, Director, Programs/Relations, HRAI
3:45 pmGeo-Exhange in America: a year in review - PPT

  • Steve Smith, Board of Directors, GEO
4:15 pmNetworking Break / Refreshments / Exhibits
4:30 pm

Geo-Exchange + Public Relations: managing reputation and avoiding crisis - PPT

With the growth in popularity of geothermal systems comes increased scrutiny and higher expectations from customers, regulators and all levels of government. Is your business ready for the spotlight? Through this presentation by Edelman, a leading communications marketing agency that helps protect companies’ brands and reputations, you will learn the tools and techniques to identify and understand the risks you might face and to manage threats to your company’s reputation, and that of the geothermal industry in Ontario. Edelman will walk you through current trends and best practices to turn crises into opportunities and build brand equity in the face of adversity.

  • Scott Evans, General Manager, Toronto, Edelman
5:30 pmCocktail Reception / Networking / Exhibits
6:30 pmDinner Buffet
7:25 pmGreeting from NY-Geo: an update on GEO from New York state

  • Jack DiEnna, NY-Geo
7:30 pmOGA Annual General Meeting - PPT

At the Annual Meeting of the OGA, members will hear a report on the past year’s activities and vote on financial statements and a proposed slate of directors. Members are urged to attend to exercise their vote, and guests are welcome to hear about the association’s successes in 2017.

  • Jim Bolger, President, OGA
7:45 pmEvening Keynote Presentation - PPT

  • Glen Murray, Executive Director, Pembina
8:15 pmClosing Remarks

  • Jim Bolger, President, OGA

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

7:00 amRegistration Opens / Breakfast Buffet / Exhibits


8:00 am

Welcome Address

• Stan Reitsma, Vice President, OGA

Morning Keynote Presentation: The government of Ontario and the future of geothermal

• Arthur Potts, Parliamentary Assistant for the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Government of Ontario

8:30 am

Featured Spotlight: low carbon geoexchange incentives in Ontario - PPT

Perhaps the most exciting news for the geothermal industry in Ontario in many years is the recent announcement of the Low Carbon Technologies Incentive Program, funded through GreenON out of the proceeds of the Cap and Trade carbon emissions trading system.  The program includes a number of carbon-reduction measures, including significant rebates for homeowners who invest in geothermal ground source heat pump systems. This must-see session will kick off with a feature presentation by Parminder Sandhu, Chair, GreenON, who will chart the future of GreenON and geothermal’s place within it. Following this presentation audience members will delve deeper into the mechanics of the program and how it is structured with an address by Evelyn Lundhild, Senior Manager, GreenON Fund-IESO. The focus will then shift to training—vital to any industry— with an address by Garen Ewbank, President IGSHPA Board of Directors, who will discuss the new geoexchange training partnership between IGSHPA and HRAI and the role training will play in the Quality Assurance Program under the GreenON Rebates Program. This session brings together all levels of stakeholders working within and around the GreenON Rebates Program to offer both a micro and macro look at the very initiative that is changing the state of the geoexchange industry.

Featured Presentation

The Bigger Picture: GreenON + geoexchange

  • Parminder Sandhu, Chair, GreenON

GreenON Rebates Program: A closer look at how it works and who can participate

  • Evelyn Lundhild, Senior Manager, GreenON Fund, IESO

Training: the vital pulse of an industry

  • Garen Ewbank, President, IGSHPA Board of Directors


  • Sarah Coleman, Supervisor, CDM Programs, HRAI
  • Evelyn Lundhild, Senior Manager, GreenON Fund, IESO
  • Angie Mantei, Supervisor, Educational Programs, HRAI
  • Moderator: Martin Luymes, Director, Programs/Relations, HRAI
10:00 amNetworking / Morning Refreshments / Exhibits
10:15 am

Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change: An overview of the building strategy - PPT

In December 2016, federal, provincial and territorial governments released the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change, which lays out Canada’s plan for meetings its international climate change commitments and supporting the transition to a low carbon economy. This presentation will provide an overview of the Framework’s building strategy and implementation plan for reducing energy use and emissions in residential, commercial and institutional buildings.

  • Debbie Scharf, Director, Equipment Division, Office of Energy Efficiency, Natural Resources Canada (NR CAN)
10:45 am

CanmetENERGY: activities on ground source heat pumps and recent activities - PPT

Attendees will get an understanding of the ground source heat pump activities and projects at CanmetENERGY. The focus will be on the direct expansion ground source heat pump technology and particularly, comparing ground heat exchanger performance under use of different refrigerants. Parham Eslami Nejad will introduce-- for the first time in public-- an innovative approach to calibrate thermal response test units.

  • Parham Eslami Nejad, Ph.D., Research Scientist, CanmetENERGY-Varennes, Natural Resources Canada / Government of Canada
11:15 am

Government of Canada’s Low Carbon Efforts in the Commercial Sector - PPT

  • Antoni Paleshi, Senior Energy Performance Specialist, WSP
11:45 pm

Evergreen Brickworks: going carbon neutral - PPT

BGIS has been a key member of the execution of this project in providing the Mechanical Engineering design bringing the extensive knowledge of Net-Zero and Carbon Neutral projects. One of the main design components has been the introduction of a Geo-Exchange field with a hybrid system with Solar-Thermal to balance the field long term. This facility (Building 16) is predominantly heating dominant with a modeled total heating requirement of 80% of the building total energy load. As a result of this significant imbalance, it was imperative that proper modeling and design incorporate a renewable source of heat generation. This presentation will detail the system design and considerations.

  • Nuno Duarte, Vice President, Professional Services, BGIS
  • Greg Woodhouse, Director, Engineering, BGIS
12:15 pmLunch Buffet
1:10 pmGreetings from WaterFurnace International

  • John Thomas, CEO, WaterFurnace International
1:15 pm

Mid-Day Keynote Presentation: Enbridge Geothermal - PPT

Jim Sanders, President of Enbridge Gas Distribution, will discuss collaboration with the Ontario Geothermal Association and Enbridge's proposed geothermal program model, as well as the early results of a pilot project.
His remarks will touch on the barriers which have to this point held the geothermal industry back in Ontario, and how Enbridge's proposed model will address them going forward.

  • Jim Sanders, President, Enbridge Gas Distribution
1:45 pm

European Heat Pump Association Initiative: DecarbHeat - PPT

  • Laure Meljac, NIBE Sweden
2:15 pm

Geothermal Technology in Building Beyond Net Zero - PPT

  • Dave de Sylva, President, Howland Green Homes
2:45 pm

Geothermal for Condominiums - PPT

Over the past decade the Ontario condo market has been one of the best in the world but geothermal technology is seen as a financial and construction risk resulting in very little market penetration for the industry. Providing the right economic model, understanding the market issues and how deals are structured has turned this liability into an asset for both the developers and occupants.

  • Tim Weber, CEO, Diverso Energy
3:15 pmNetworking / Afternoon Refreshments / Exhibits
3:30 pm
The Electrification Panel

Panelists will provide insight into the transition from fossil fuels to electrification of building heating systems, impact on electrical generation and transmission, peak power use, and total electrical consumption. The panel will broadly report on the outlook for Ontario's future energy mix, power generation mix, and consumption. Factors such as electrification of transportation, greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, emerging effects of distributed power generation, and interprovincial power integration will be highlighted..

Panelists will include representatives from the following organizations:

  • Chuck Farmer, Director, Stakeholders and Public Affairs, IESO
  • Aaron Freeman, Principal, Pivot Strategic Consulting Inc., Founder, GreenPAC
  • Catherine Thorn, Director, Community Energy Planning, Enwave Energy Corporation
  • Moderator: Paul Frith, Sales & Advocacy Director, GeoSource Energy Inc.
4:30 pmClosing Remarks

  • Jim Bolger, President, OGA

American & European Perspectives


The Government, Economy & Industry


Independent Industry Studies

Check out the HRAI Manufacturers Division Symposium occurring earlier in the day on February 27th, 2018 at the Westin Toronto Airport. Are you planning on attending both the Symposium and the OGA Conference and not already an OGA member? If so, you may be eligible to receive a discounted membership rate on your OGA2018 conference pass. Simply e-mail your Symposium receipt to To learn more about the HRAI Manufacturers Division Symposium click here.


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